Friday, July 6, 2012

Jocelyn Maminta Breaks Out Her Big Black Suede Boots

Ali Reed Makes Her Blog Debut On Good Morning Connecticut

Good Morning Connecticut and GOOD MORNING ERIN LOGAN!!!

Another SacTown Newswoman Makes The Blog

This time it's Adrienne Bankert of KCRA


Sharokina Shams Joins The Sacramento Boot Parade


Deirdre Fitzpatrick Also Has Boots Of Black Suede


Deirdre Fitzpatrick is the latest Sacramento newswoman on the blog

Denver's Becky Ditchfield Boots Up On Facebook

Look Who Posted A Comment!!!

I think it is very cool that Annalee has seen the blog.
Here's the original post she commented on.
I am thinking of trying to contact her sometime to see if she would consent to an interview to be published here. That would be a real coup.....