Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mary Calvi Was In A NYC Boot Battle

THANK YOU CG for this picture!!

Robin Meade HIGH DEFINITION !!!!!

We owe a DEEP DEBT of gratitude to Christopher for these pictures.

SUKI SEZ "My Turn"!!

Sukanya Krishnan must have said enough is enough.
She must have grown tired of seeing Frances Rivera, Lisa Mateo, Tamsen Fadal, and Linda Church get all of the attention on WPIX (and this blog) because of their boot wearing. On Friday Suki did something about it and stole the show with her black suede knee high boots. What up Suki?   

Suki even gave us a boot tug about 15 seconds in to the video.

The Return Of Nikki Stanzione And Her Over The Knee Brown Leather Boots

I love the cream colored scoop neck sweater Nikki!!!