Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lucky Dude Gets To Sit Next To A Booted Suzie Suh

Seriously??  Some guys have all the luck...

Hopefully She's A Boot Lover

roadglide commented on the 
"nice nylons" on the left. 
Those nylons belong to Zohreen Adamjee, who pretty much 
has replaced Annalee Penny on Fox 40 Live. 
Here's a couple of more photos of Zohreen from today. Obviously she's very stylish and fashion conscious.
Let's hope her style includes Over the Knee Boots!!

Who Is That Booted Woman At The Grocery Store?

It's Jillian Harris, of course!!!!

Jillian Harris Gives Us A Booted Home Tour

Jillian Harris Boots Up Again On Urban Rush


Jillian is now hosting a show called Canadian Handyman Challenge.  Look what she wrote on her web site:
"There's a love in my life that's lasted for years. This love has seen me through all seasons; kept me warm on chilly nights; flattered me; walked through hard times with me; and always made me feel happy, comfortable and beautiful. 
So today I say Boots, I will always love you.
You've seen me rocking my beloved boots too many times to count so you guys know I'm not lying when I say I'm seriously faithful to my signature style!"
I think we may have found a new woman whose boot exploits we must follow VERY CLOSELY!!

Bachelorette Jillian Harris Booted Up On Urban Rush

Interior Designer Jillian Harris was on the fifth season of 
The Bachelorette!!

Bethany's Boot Season IS NOT OVER !!!!

Hopefully we can get some unobstructed views later!