Friday, April 13, 2012

Lacey Lett Boots Up For Her Host Reel

Attention Nikki Fans: Silly Stanzione Sings And Dances

Long before she was on New Mexico Style, Nikki Stanzione hosted a daily show called MyGamesFever on MyNetworkTV.  If you're a Nikki fan, and I know many of you are, you'll enjoy the 10 minute video below that is loaded with clips of Nikki singing, dancing, impersonating and generally acting silly.   There's even some boot action.  

Triple Boot Battle In Kansas City

While technically a Triple Boot Battle, guest Amber Rapp wore her boots under her slacks.  We''ll forgive her as it is probably her first time on TV. I'm sure she'll know better next time.
Meantime, author Meagan Flynn chose calf high black leather while hostess Loren Halifax of course went with her favorites, the over the knee brown suede boots.  Even though she wore a longish skirt today, we know from past experience that these suede boots DO go over the knee. 

Need Some New Yorkers To Help

Any idea who this is wearing some gorgeous black suede over the knee boots? She was on WNBC 4 in New York.
THANKS to our readers for telling us that this is Lauren Scala!

Bethany Was Booted In Sacramento

Unfortunately they didn't spend any time on the couch today so we don't get any good views.
The last half of the newscast was spent listening to a press conference from New York.
It appears Sacramento may be losing their NBA team, which would suck.
The city and the team seem to have come to an impasse in stadium negotiations.
Back on the boots front, hopefully Bethany will feel bad for us getting short changed on the boot views and will make up for it next week. 

By the way, Fox 40 did something nice this week, sponsoring a Careathon to benefit UC-Davis Children's Hospital.
Click HERE to see how you can donate.

Alix Kendall Facebook Photos

I don't think we've seen these boots on the air.

Leyna Nguyen From February 2011

Once again, courtesy of aztec!!! 
Thank You aztec.


BIG BIG THANKS to aztec for the pictures.  I found the accompanying video but would not have been able to improve upon his photos so THANK YOU aztec!!!

DC guest Stacey Ferguson rocks the black suede boots on Fox 5

I'm not sure, her friends may call her Fergie, but this Stacey Ferguson is not the lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas. But hopefully she will become just as famous by making many more booted appearances on Fox 5 in Washington DC!

San Diego's Lisa Haisha Wants To Be A Boot Star In Her Own Right

San Diego's Shally Zomorodi Boot Battles Guest Lisa Haisha

A HUGE, HUGE, THANK YOU to the anonymous tipster that found this video.  I must have forgot to check San Diego that day ....  This scene shows us a great contrast between Shally's shiny, crinkly black leather and Lisa's smooth, sleek black leather boots.