Friday, January 17, 2014

Abigail Ogle Is In The Oklahoma City Spotlight

Detroit City Boots

HUGE THANK YOU to nonblogger for these 
photos of Kam Carman and Deena Centofanti!!

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield Is Trying To Keep Warm In Minneapolis

A Second Look At Karla And Ximena's Wedge Heeled Boot Battle

THANK YOU jaynorris117 for the video

The Blog Gets Some More Recognition

This Video starts with Indy Style Co-Host Tracy Forner asking guest Cathy Norman where her Boots are. He explains further that Cathy was featured on our Blog LINK HERE and suggested Boots could be her trademark. THANK YOU to K for finding that for us!!
AND THANK YOU Cathy and Tracy for getting a KICK out of our Blog!!!

Liz Collin Is On The Red And Black Attack

THANK YOU to The Mayor for the alert!

Your Daily Strano

The Latest Episode Of Andi Hauser's Equestrienne Adventure

Lara Spencer's Great Grey Suede


THANKS to JW for the alert!
Melissa Mack, Angelica Campos and Stefani Schaefer
engage in a Triple Boot Battle today
After Kristi Capel was Booted yesterday

TALL BLACK SUEDE For Savannah Guthrie

BIG THANK YOU to Jake for the video!!