Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sideline Reporter Alex Flanagan Has Plenty Of Fans

A Border Boot Battle

Two of the Fox Sports Wisconsin Girls have come to Minneapolis for tonight's game between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings. They met up with all 3 Fox Sports North Girls to engage in a 

Sun Day Fun Day For Michelle Linn

Britton's Booted In Birmingham

Danielle Vollmar Has Pumpkin Pickin' Boots

Brittany Rainey Dropped The First Puck In Boots

Annie Yu Is Finally Back On The Blog

Mary Lahammer est une belle femme portant des bottes en France

You DON'T Have To Pray For Good Weather When Michelle Apon Is Around

Today Show Legal Contributor Karen DeSoto Is Cute In Black Suede Boots

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Ginger Zee's Pumpkin Carving Boots


Britt Moreno Is Booted In The Land Of Giants

Stella Acquisto Is On Zombie Patrol In Toronto

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for sending this photo

Fox Dallas Guest Rachel Galarza Rocks The Tall Black Suede

Snow Boots For Kelly Cass

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