Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Queen Of Suede

I have stood here before inside the pouring rain 
With the world turning circles running 'round my brain 
We've always known that her beauty won't fade 
'cause it's her destiny to be the queen of suede 
 Queen of Suede 
She'll always be queen of suede 
She'll always be queen of suede

courtesy KMSP-TV

Kristen van Dyke is lovely in black suede

Margie Ellisor comes through for us with black leather

When the weather warms up, does Margie ditch the boots?
NO, she just goes from OTKs to Knee High!

It's A GREAT DAY For Some Boston Boots!!

I would call this color a light taupe.  What do you think?

IS BOOT SEASON OVER ??????? Alix Kendall Sez "OH NO, IT AIN'T!!"

Despite it being probably the warmest March EVER in Minnesota, Alix Kendall cements her status as 'Booted Newswoman of the Year' by donning her tall grey suede. 
THANK YOU ALIX for being the most consistent boot wearer this season!!!!
Hopefully better pictures and a video later .....

courtesy KMSP-TV

Actress Alicia Minshew Has Boots In Her Closet

Alicia Minshew was on the soap opera All My Children. The Boots action starts about 3:15 in to the Shoes.TV video below.