Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who is Yolanthe Van Kasbergen?

and why is she wearing a pair of maybe the sexiest boots ever?

Carla Hall was black leather booted on The Chew

courtesy ABC

Linda Evans PILLOW FIGHTS in Black Leather Thigh High Boots!!!!!!! On The Chew

It's too bad they moved out of camera view during their fight, 
because Linda's first opponent was wearing black leather OTK boots.

courtesy ABC

The Chew makeovers included ladies in boots

It cracks me up how these shows always have their subjects looking so dour 
for the 'Before' photos.   Like we don't know that's staged?
What do they do, strangle a puppy in front of these people 
while they take their picture?

                                   courtesy ABC

Vera Gibbons is financially sound in black leather boots

Campbell is a Classic

courtesy of cnn and turner broadcasting

It's Jennifer Day

In  honor of Jennifer Lawrence's Birthday, 
let's have a look at some of our other favorite Jennifers in boots.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Ellison

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Morrison

And one of my all-time favorites,
Jennifer Love-Hewitt

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jennifer Lawrence

Most of you probably saw her in Hunger Games, and she was great.
But, if you haven't already, you HAVE TO see Winter's Bone.