Friday, December 23, 2011

Can't get enough Natalie Kane in boots

Frances Rivera Is Lovely In Leather


Chiquinquirá Delgado Is Back And Booted


More Keri Bellacosa

Austin Family: Educating Kids over the Holidays:

Merry Christmas to us. Keri Bellacosa boots up in black leather

Someone in Albuquerque is conspiring against us

The last two times there has been someone wearing OTK LEATHER BOOTS on KASA2 in New Mexico,  the video player is on the fritz.  Last week it was Nikki Stanzione in brown leather and this week it is Fitness Champion Jessica Rinaldi

Robi Ludwig Boots Up On Today

Nilou Motamed goes over the knee in black suede

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Michelle Apon makes her blog debut with an Oklahoma City puppy

KOKH FOX 25 :: Morning News - Furry Friends

More Kim Insley is a great thing

How is it that the Minneapolis NBC affiliate, KARE 11, has a MUCH better video player than NBC's Today Show and it may be the best video player of any station I check on a regular basis. 

Kim Insley is back in brown leather

Annalee Penny Booted In The Dark

Sorry about the low quality pics, but it's Annalee so it's worth seeing.


Merry Christmas from Karli Ritter