Thursday, March 24, 2011

Diana Pierce wears black suede boots

Erica Hill Nylons And Shoes Close Ups

Why haven't we seen Erica Hill on the blog before? Because she HASN'T worn boots this year. But I know a lot of you like seeing Erica so I posted this. I started capping when it looked like she was wearing black suede boots.

Taryn Winter Bell Brown Booted on the Early Show

Ann Curry in Tall Black Suede

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Guest Geneen Roth Booted On Today

Meredith Baxter On 7 Live In San Francisco

Rhode Island Boots

Zoraida Sambolin Chicago Brown Boots

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Anna Davlantes

Putting Tablets to the Test: iPad vs. Motorola Xoom:

Hopefully something for everyone in Minneapolis

A blonde, a brunette, nylons, boots, enjoy.

Michelle Linn is pretty in Pink and Black Leather Boots

Old West Boot Battle in Tulsa

Guest Marnie Fernandez shows up in cowgirl boots to take on sweet Michelle.

Another booted Doc in DC

This is Dr. Sumi Sexton

'Pacifiers Anonymous' Helps Break Your Child From Using the Pacifier!: