Sunday, May 5, 2013

Whose Boots Are These? REVEALED

We posted this photo yesterday asking if anyone could correctly guess which lovely newswoman these Boots belonged to. 
Let's reveal the answer....

It's Van Tieu of KFYR in Bismarck, North Dakota!!
Maybe the snow on her tights should have clued 
you in it was someone from way up North.

I Wonder If She Bought Them?

Erin Schneider, aka, the Cheap Chick, is a Contributor
Will we ever see her wearing Wonder Woman Boots?

Jamie Yuccas SEZ It's STILL Boots Season on 'CCO's Big Red Couch


Christine Chang Stands Out In Denver

Bobbie Miller Benefits in Boots

Bobbie Miller is the weekday morning anchor on KWTV in Oklahoma City.  Bobbie is adorable and I hope we start seeing A LOT MORE of her on the Blog.

Mai Martinez Has Some Funky Chi-Town Boots

Meet The Booted News Ladies From KIFI-TV In Idaho Falls

Kylie Bearse

Stephanie Hale-Lopez

Stephanie Hale-Lopez

 Ido Walker 
  Ido Walker 

Tall Black Leather in Chi-Town

Megan Mawicke of WBBM

Tisha Lewis of WFLD

Dawn Hasbrouck Is The Co-Anchor On Good Day Chicago

Tammie Souza Has Some Awesome Boots!!!