Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Amelia Santaniello is Lovely in Black Leather

THANKS to our contributer for sending the photos

Rust Never Sleeps

Christine Pullara doesn't look dated in 
her rust colored suede boots

Skirt, Tights and Boots are a Winning Recipe for Virginia Kerr

A Pair of Portland Peaches in Boots

Amy Troy KOIN

Erica Nochlin KATU

Guest Tichina Arnold has some GREAT Grey Leather Boots on WPIX

Our Belgian Contributer Comes Through Again

Meet Caroline Fontenoy from Belgian French channel “RTL”

At least someone in Sacramento is wearing boots. It's Jaclyn Dunn of KCRA!!

Wearing Over the Knee Black Leather Boots is a GREAT WAY TO MAKE YOUR BLOG DEBUT Jennifer Dolynchuk!!

Stacey Brotzel is pretty in pink and black suede boots

Jenna Khan is a sight for sore eyes

It's Su-Ling Goh Time

Mary Larsen is Booted in Providence