Monday, October 1, 2012

Ali Jarvis And Elizabeth Ries Black Leather Boot Battled Last February

Elizabeth Goes With Tight Brown Suede

It's hard to tell from the above pics but
Ali Jarvis of wore some
very nice brown leather boots.

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Megan Henderson Yesterday and Today

MRF left a comment on this post 
wanting to turn the tables on me,
I guess thinking I had not heard of 
Megan Henderson. I went through the 
archives MRF and look what I found.
Pictures of Megan Henderson from her
days in Dallas that I had posted in 
another group.These photos are all FIVE 
YEARS OLD, a lifetime in the Internet age.

These last three photos are from
Megan's Facebook page.

Virginia Kerr has today's brown boot special

Margie Ellisor says "AHH"

Author Elizabeth Verdick Boot Battles Alix on the Buzz

Minneapolis News and Weather KMSP FOX 9

SURPRISE. SURPRISE. Alix Kendall is booted after a warm weekend

After a very warm and sunny weekend in
the Twin Cities, I sure wasn't expecting to see 
Alix Kendall booted today but she taught me again 
that I should never doubt her love of boots!
I don't remember seeing her wear these 
boots with leggings.  I like the look!