Friday, September 23, 2011

Jennifer Aniston steps out in Black Suede

Ali Fedotowsky Makes A Cute Minnie

I haven't seen any videos lately of Ali on the Fox San Diego Morning News but I had to share this photo.

Alix Kendall in a Cheetah Dress and Black Suede Boots

Richelle Carey In Black Suede

This is from February. Unfortunately, after an ugly incident in Ontario, 
 the subject matter is back in the news.

Marion Brooks AND her Over the Knee Black Suede Boots are Back on the Blog

Look for the booted leg cross about 2:10 in to the video

View more videos at:

Margie shows St. Louis is a great boot town!

Margie Ellisor Boots Video


A Fall Favorite

Professional Football Cheerleaders Dancing in White Boots.
These gals are from the Carolina Panthers.

From Charlotte: Really Good News AND GREAT NEWS !

The Really Good News is Anna Kooiman opened her boot season today.  The (potentially) GREAT NEWS is Anna said she LOVED the Over the Knee Boots the Model was wearing on the fall fashion preview they did.
Hopefully She Loves them enough to wear them regularly this fall and winter.


KOKH FOX 25 :: Morning News - Boomer and Sooner