Thursday, July 5, 2012

Anu Prakkash Debuts Her Brown Leather Boots

Mo' Boots in Motown

Real Housewife Lynne Curtin Boots Up In Milwaukee

Interviewing Lynne Curtin is this blog's biggest current grail,
Marianne Lyles of WISN. 
If any of our Milwaukee area readers know of any pictures or videos of Marianne wearing boots, please let us know right away!!  It's kind of an emergency!

Lynne Curtin in Boots Video Link


Jenell Walton Joins The Cincinnati Boot Club

Tanya Has Some Funky Fishnets To Go Along With Her Shiny Boots

No Table Blocking Tanya

Carol Williams Takes Her Turn On WCPO's Boot Wearing Carousel

The Tanya O'Rourke Boot Bonanza continues

Tanya O'Rourke's leopard print skirt and black leather boots

Tanya O'Rourke Is Back In Black

Cincy Shiny Boot Battle

That's WCPO Channel 9's Tanya O'Rourke with guest Julie Lyon.

She Spins My Head Right Round Right Round

THANKS AGAIN to Kenny for the link

This man points out some great boots

Who is wearing these ultra high heeled boots?

It's Anayanssi Moreno!!  Thanks Kenny for this link!
I wish I understood more Spanish as they discuss her boots the whole time.