Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Long Overdue Trip to Arkansas to visit Melinda Mayo of KATV

Emily Engberg Of Twin Cities Live

Brenda Asnicar wore a Miniskirt and Thigh High Boots on Un Nuevo Dia

THANK YOU to thatguy for sending us the link!!!
THANK YOU to the commenter for 
identifying Brenda for us!!

FINALLY. Carol Daniel Boots up for the first time this season

Carol's hair sure looks cute pulled back like that!

A Booted Pullara Pulls in the Viewers

A Leather vs Suede, Black vs Brown New York City Boot Battle

Lisa Mateo is in Brown Suede and 
Tamsen Fadal is in Black Leather.

I was just thinking yesterday that
I hadn't seen Lisa booted yet this year.
Well she came through in FINE FASHION
with these awesome TALL BROWN SUEDE BOOTS!

Tamsen is Lovely in Black Leather and Black Tights

Paula Deen and Savannah Guthrie HI-DEFINITION Today Show Boot Battle

Brought to us by the Wonderful Work of Jake

The Rhode Show's Search For a Star Already Found One

The Rhode Show is running their 
SEARCH FOR A STAR competition. 
The winner, who will be announced next Monday,
will be the new Co-Host of The Rhode Show
with Will Gilbert and Michaela Johnson.
Pictured below is Stephanie Mangano, 
one of the five finalists.
As part of the competition, the contestants have
been presenting segments and below are some 
pictures and the video from one of Stephanie's 
assignments.  As you can see, Stephanie wore
Over the Knee Black Leather Boots.
so there is potential for a LEGENDARY Boot Battle!
I'm sure whoever is chosen will do a great job,
and whoever that is will be 
gladly welcomed on the Blog
(unless the Dude wins - Sorry - You can go to the Dudes in Boots Blog)

Paula Deen takes on Savannah Guthrie in a Today Show Boot Battle

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