Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mary Jo Ola Is Smiling In Boots!!

Goes Better With Boots
than a SMILE!
And it appears Mary Jo Ola of WISC-TV
and Gayle Viney of the 
Dane County Humane Society
know that to be true!!!!

Guest Erin Ireland Easily Wins This Boot Battle With Fiona Forbes

Britt Moreno's Co-Anchor Thinks She Needs New Boots

Natalie Tysdal Doesn't Want Us To Forget About Her

Natalie was with KWGN/KDVR for a decade 
but stepped away last year to spend
more time with her family.
I'm sure her motivation for posting this pic
was to keep her Boot Lovin fans engaged for
when she decides to return to the TV News game

That's A Lot Of Leather Angela Ahrendts

Angela Ahrendts was just named 
Senior Vice President of Apple, Inc.
THANK YOU to RF for the link!

Carley Knobloch Shows Off On The Today Show

THANK YOU JAKE for this video

Kim Lucey Wears Black Suede Boots In Connecticut

Kendall Kirkham Is FAST BECOMING A Blog FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!

Fox Sports Girl Brie Breaks Out The Brown Leather In San Diego

Erin Andrews Got A Gatorade Bath At Fenway Park

THANK YOU to D.R. for sending the 1st photo

THAT's TWICE For Tamron!!!


It Looks Like Loriana Hernandez Will Become A Fixture On The Blog!!

KC Live Guest Staci Schottman Is Lovely In Classic Black Leather Knee High Boots