Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rena is Laughing in Leather

Liz Collin And Producer Tracy Perlman Celebrate The Holiday In Black Leather Boots

Elizabeth Vargas wore Boots back in December

Pippa Middleton is Sweet in Suede

 The woman in these photos may be her Mum.  
Her daughters must have inherited her love of Boots.

It's Hockey Night in Canada! Which Means It's Andi Petrillo In Boots Night!!

THANK YOU to our Canadian Contributor

Welcome Brittney Shipp of NBC 10 in Philly to the Blog

THANK YOU to MP for the photos

The Luck Of the Irish

The Irish are lucky. Their national color, green, goes SO WELL with Black Leather

The Italian-Japanese Girl Shows Her Irish Side

Jenna Wolfe Wears Her Old Reliables

Fox Sports North Girl Kaylin Booted Up For The Parade

We haven't seen Jillian Mele since they took the 10! Show off the air

BUT THANKFULLY MP is keeping us in touch!!

Jessica Laventure from Montreal

THANK YOU to our Canadian Contributor



Christine Maddela and Sheena Parveen

Stacey Stauffer