Monday, April 16, 2012

CARRIE KEAGAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You to That Guy. What guy? 
THAT GUY, for reminding us to check in on Carrie Keagan and VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live!

Alix broke out the black suede

Unfortunately Fox 9's is having website problems today so this may be the only picture.
Hopefully this isn't the last day of the season Alix wears boots....

courtesy KMSP-TV

Dana Gee has some big British Columbia Boots

Dana Gee is a contributor on Global BC Morning News.
They're like over the knee cowboy boots.
They have the buckled strap around the ankle and the short block heel.  I LOVE the color and the look of the leather.

Heather Anderson wears boots to the farm

Regina guest goes over the knee in black suede

This is Riley Lawson, who is a personal image consultant and fashion stylist.

Welcome to the blog Rustie Dean

Rustie is the weather specialist on Global TV Regina's Morning News.
Regina is in Sakatchewan, Canada, about 100 miles north of the US border.

They have table troubles in Regina as well.  We can see that Rustie has some flat heeled black leather boots. But we don't know if they go over the knee or not.
Hopefully we'll find out as we continue to scour the video pages.

Su-Ling Goh Is Right. Health Matters.

Health does matter Su-Ling. And our collective state of good mental health is pretty much contingent on you continuing to wear tall leather boots! 

Lilac And Leather For Su-Ling Goh

I love Su-Ling's lilac and black dress that she so 
smartly paired with black leather boots.

Fiona Forbes thinks Vancouver is Canada's Boot Capital

Su-Ling Goh Makes A Case For Edmonton As Canada's Boot Capital

Sandra Mitchell is a black leather boot lover

THANK YOU for the photos aztec!
these are from last October, obviously.