Monday, September 17, 2012

The Deputy Prime Minister of Spain, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría

BIG THANKS to limpiabotas
for sending us this video from Spain.
Hopefully he is able to send more 
when time permits.  
Her boots are just about the perfect height,
 stretching almost up to her kneecaps.
Soraya is second in command to the Prime Minister.

These Boots Will Be Doing A Lot More Walking

Actress Amanda Bynes has had her driver's  license 
suspended and her BMW impounded, after being charged 
with a DUI and hit and run. 

Singer Georgia Middleman Was Booted In Cleveland

The name of the show is
Live on Lakeside.

Hopefully this show's format gives us lots of 
videos of Hollie Strano wearing boots!!!

The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders Are One Of The League's Top Squads

A New Show, The List, Premieres Today

The List is a new syndicated show that begins today.
One of the hosts is Jan Jeffcoat, who left 
Fox in Chicago for this show.
Until 2008, Jan anchored Good Day Chicago.
All of the following photos are from 2007,
which is when we last saw Jan booted.
Hopefully The List provides lots of 
boot wearing opportunities for Jan and 
her co-host Teresa Strasser.
Here is a link to The List's Facebook page
and a link to the You Tube page.

WHO Is This Booted Newswoman?

Kaime Booted Up Twice This Weekend