Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Teased And Another Rant

Look at how cute Annalee Penny is and we only get teased with a half view of her.
If you're so inclined, send a nice email to requesting that start showing full views of Annalee so that you see her whole outfit.

Where or Where is the Sweet Melody?

Let's all BOO KDVR Fox 31 in Denver. Recently they've changed their segments so that you never see a full body shot of the anchors. The interviews are conducted at the desk. So we can't see Melody's wide assortment of boots on display. If you want to complain, send an email to and kindly ask them to change this policy so that on the videos posted on the website we get a full view of Melody

New Mexico Nikki nice in nylons and boots

Valentine's Day: Pardo Style :

Suzanne Malveaux Big Black Boots

CNN Newsroom Boot Battle

Kyra Phillips and Elizabeth Cohen battle it out in black leather

Robin Meade Everyone's favorite

Only a quick glimpse at the beginning but hey it's Robin!

St. Louis Boot Battle

That's former American Idol contestant Diana De Garmo in the middle and Randi Naughton on the right.


Hartford Honeys

Sarah French

Rachel Lutzker

Hot Texas Mom in boots

Mom to Mom: Linda Sandefur: