Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jordan Carson And Rachael Ruiz Are Wonderful In West Michigan

BIG THANK YOU to RC for the alert

Teresa Dufour Begins Her Boots Season In Brown Suede

Angelica Spanos, Kate Rayner and Abbey Niezgoda Are Pumpkin Picking In Connecticut

Angelica is with Fox Connecticut and 
Kate and Abbey are with NBC Connecticut

Short Suede For Heather Catallo In Motown

Yasmin Vossoughian From HLN Now Makes Her Blog Debut In Black Leather

Yasmin Proves It's Not Too Hot 
in Atlanta to wear Boots!!
BIG THANK YOU to Edwin Paschke Jr for the alert!!

Vanessa Freeman Brings Style To The Tri-State

Vanessa left Dayton for News 12 in the 
New York City Metropolitan area.

How COOL is Vanessa for 
Tweeting this picture out to us?

She has ALWAYS been a BIG SUPPORTER of our Blog and it's GREAT to see her doing well!!


Randi Naughton's St. Louis Suede

We're Not Shocked To See Andrea Jackson Of Fox 35 In Orlando On The Blog

It's Easy To See Why WAVE-TV's Christie Dutton Has Become A Blog Favorite