Sunday, July 8, 2012

The New Grail Quest Ends With Some Success

This is Keri Gavin of KCCI in Des Moines Iowa. 
 I read on a forum that she had worn OTK brown leather boots on the air but so far I can't find any visual proof.
(Keri,if you're reading this, we'd love it if you helped us out!)
Anyway, while going through that quest, I DID FIND a video that included this close up of Keri's very nice black leather riding boots!

Never Thought I'd See It But Actress Jada Pinkett Smith Has OVER THE KNEE BOOTS!!

Obviously Jada Pinkett Smith is very attractive and she is also VERY PETITE. I mean like Annalee Penny petite. 
(in other words, practically perfect).
Oftentimes women of that height feel as though really tall boots don't look good on them. (Obviously an INCORRECT ASSUMPTION).
I never thought I'd see Jada wearing real tall boots but luckily I came across this video from www.Hollywood.TV.

KCAL's Entertainment Reporter Suzanne Marques Is A Welcome Addition To The Blog


In April 2011 Ann Curry went to London as part of NBC's coverage of the Royal Wedding. While she was there, Ann went on UTV to give an interview regarding the American perspective about the events.  Ann wore a bright pink dress, scarf AND KNEE HIGH PINK RUBBER RAIN BOOTS, commonly know in Great Britain as 'Wellies'.
Although I still do prefer leather or suede, you have to admit Ann looks absolutely adorable in her 'Wellies'

The term "Wellie" is short for Wellington Boots, which were popularized by Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington.

This Dude Approves Of German Presenter Simone Panteleit's Gorgeous Black Leather Knee Highs