Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Natalie Tysdal is back on the blog in brown

Another Annalee Video From The Past

I think you all know by now that Annalee Penny was abducted by aliens last week.
If this is news to you, you can see our post here.

Since we don't know if the aliens will ever release her back in to our world, enabling us to get  'new' Annalee content, we have to settle for digging through the archives and post videos we may not have seen before.   In this video AP dances and shakes a sign in an effort to raise money for Shriner's Children's Hospital.

Right near the end we get a quick view of Annalee's black suede boots.

KIDSDAY 2010 from KTXL/FOX40 on Vimeo.

Actress Mary McCormack boots up on Live with Kelly

Our community has talked for years about our disappointment that Kelly Ripa NEVER wears boots.  Why do we think that is?  I really, really think it's Disney Corp that has put the kibosh on her boot wearing.  I just don't think a trendy woman would totally ignore the world wide boot wearing infatuation of the past few years.  The past few years have been the best ever for boots and I gotta believe the only way Kelly would not have partaken is if she was told not to.
What does every one else think?

Some Old School Fox 40 in Sacramento

A slow boot day in Newsland so I was out searching on You Tube and came across this video from a few years ago. There's Bethany Crouch and Natalie Bomke.
 We even get a couple of quick views of Bethany's little brown boots.