Sunday, December 30, 2012

Radio Hostess Chantel SinGs LOVES the Leather!!

Quite a few times during the interview host Rod Simons put his hand on Chantel's Boots.
He must like the way the leather feels.

Lisa Ferguson Is Laughing In Leather

Lisa Ferguson Has Brown Leather Boots Too!!!

Fox Sports North And Fox Sports Wisconsin Girls Are BOOT BATTLING At The Border Battle

The Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings are 
playing a BIG GAME today in Minneapolis
Fox Sports Wisconsin Girls Sage and Chyna made the trip from 
Milwaukee to watch the game with Angie,Jenny and Kaylin.
Am I wrong, or did Angie and Kaylin get new Boots?
And Jenny's wearing her Over the Knee Black Suede!

The Fox Sports Detroit Girls had Booted Fun in Grand Rapids

Jenna Wolfe was Black Leather Booted

THANK YOU to greg for these photos!

I have to say that I would prefer to see Jenna wearing tights with these Boots.
And I sure wish her Boots went up to her knees, but I should 
probably just give up on ever seeing her wear higher Boots.

And my God, but what a wasted opportunity with Dylan Dreyer. 
She's very attractive, has very nice looking legs and likes to wear tights.  
PLEASE Dylan, can you wear a tall pair of Boots once in a while?


The other day I came across an Annalee Penny video from a little over a year ago 
that we had never seen before. 
I posted some pictures and the video. 
Our friend thamo108 
also took some screen grabs from the video and was nice enough to send them our way. 
Don't forget to visit his blog Women Wearing Boots.
THANKS thamo!