Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who Remembers Crystle Lampitt?

Crystle is the hostess of 38 The Spot in Kansas City.
You can view her previous posts here.
Crystle has added more photos to her Facebook page.

Kim Insley is back in her biker boots

Finally Shally. FINALLY.

I think it was January 4th when Shally Zomorodi returned to the Fox San Diego Morning News from her maternity leave.  I may have missed a day or three but we've been eagerly anticipating Shally's booted return ever since.  It's taken two months, but it's worth the wait.
THANKS for booting up again Shally! 



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Mika Brzezinski gets her boots on

BIG THANK YOU to Art Vandeleigh 

for these Mika pics

Marion Brooks likes her big black suede boots

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Virginia Kerr back in boots and boot socks

Lacey Lett in calf high suede

A Long overdue Thank You

I try to do a decent job of thanking those who contribute sightings, alerts, video links.  And I always try to thank those whose pictures I re-post here. But I haven't done a good job of Thanking those who leave comments on the posts.
I appreciate everyone who takes the time to do it, but there is one who makes many comments that add greatly to the blog.
So THANK YOU smartcelt for your loyal readership and fantastic comments!!!

Sarah Simmons makes a long overdue return to the blog

Thanks to gyuro for the alert!!

Kevin McCarthy Spoke with 'John Carter' star Willem Dafoe:

Allison Seymour is booted in DC

Thanks to gyuro for the alert.