Monday, February 6, 2012

Melissa Wilson Returns To The Blog In Black Leather Boots

Nikki New Mexico breaks out the black leather

Her sweet southern accent will make your heart melt

The Fox 40 cameraman is up to his old tricks, not showing Annalee from the waist down so we don't know if AP was rockin' boots today. But you should still watch the videos of Annalee trying some southern style shrimp and grits. Annalee grew up in Georgia and she represented by breaking in to a sweet southern accent. 

Virginia Kerr is back in her brown leather boots

These are Virginia's go to boots, almost too much so. I'm glad she's wearing boots but I sure hoped she would have gotten some new taller boots this year. O well, at least she changes it up once in a while by wearing boot socks.

It's a brown leather day for Omaha


Seriously Dude? Two Days in a Row for a Today Show anchor?

THANK YOU Savannah!!!!!

Denver's Jennifer Broome is finally back on the blog


KC's Kathy Quinn in tall black suede

CONGRATULATIONS Kathy on being named the Grand Marshall of Kansas City's St. Patrick's Day Parade

WOW - Margie Ellisor loves those Over the Knee Suede Boots


Cherish this LA Boot Battle

We're fortunate it's still boot season in Lower Alabama

Allison Seymours shows yellow and grey go great together

Jennifer Streaks Gives Financial Advice on the Pros and Cons of Credit Cards:

Shannon Mulaire looks regal in purple and black leather

Prescription painkillers: New report on abuse:

Melanie Amaro's Renaissance costume includes thigh high boots