Monday, January 21, 2013

The Vice-President's Wife, Dr. Jill Biden, is another who enjoyed the Inauguration in Boots

Eva Longoria Styled in Black Suede Over the Knee Boots at the Presidential Inauguration

Nikki Stanzione has NEW MEXICO STYLE

Gretchen and Nicea are Booted on the Red Carpet

Tulsa's Ashlei King Booted Up for a Parade

Canadian Boots

THANK YOU to our Canadian contributer




Kacy Hagerty is Sueded in Nashville

Tara Slone is Booted in Calgary

The First Lady is wearing TALL SUEDE BOOTS to the Inauguration!!

 THANKS for the alert thatguy

I also noticed Joe Biden's daughter Ashley wearing knee high black suede boots

Only Kelsey Soby is Booted on the Buzz

It's not very often we see 3 ladies hosting the Buzz.
Just our luck, instead of a Triple Boot Battle, we only get
Kelsey in calf high black leather boots. 
Note the temperature on the screen.
That's right. 10 BELOW ZERO.

Kind of funny.  They did a workout segment and
Kelsey is barefoot, but you can see her boots over to the side.

Melissa Wilson Has A Black Leather Day

Laura Betker Is A Little Cold Today In Minnesota