Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Shannon Fox Shows Off Her Stiletto Boots On Ozarks Live In Springfield, Missouri

Brooke Baldwin Is Booted In Boston

Denver Doctor Kristin Woodward Has Adorable Boots On Daybreak

Hollie Strano WANTS YOU TO WATCH Live On Lakeside

Deborah Duncan Gets Flowers On National Talk Show Host Day

Lindsey Bauer Filled In Nicely On Great Day Green Country Today

Annalee Has Us All Shook Up

WPVI's Jamie Apody Wore Boots For The Station's Picture Day

We're Excited To See Reporter Teresa Priolo Booted On The Good Day New York Couch

A 92 Degree Day In The Desert Didn't Deter Hailey Frances From Wearing Fancy Tights And Black Leather Boots


BLINK And YOU'LL MISS IT Glimpse At Sharon Tazewell

This just shows how spoiled we were when 
Sharon posted Booted Hi Def Photos earlier in the month.
AH, The Good Old Days....