Monday, January 16, 2012

Jon Huntsman drops out of the presidential race

We've met Jon Huntsman's daughters on the blog before:

but somehow we missed his wife Mary Kay. It's too bad he dropped out of the race, as they seem like a boot lovin' bunch.

Now Hiring: Furniture movers

We need you to show up at The 10! Show studios in Philadelphia and move that table that is blocking our view of Jillian Mele's boots.

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Nikki is back in tan


Until one of these television networks wises up and gives Annalee Penny a daily show, the best we have to offer is her Facebook Page
or watching for her on 
or her 

Roam around the world

Roam if you want to
Roam around the world

Roam if you want to
Without wings, without wheels
Roam if you want to
Without anything but the love we feel

This photo shows how many people from AROUND THE WORLD are checking out the blog right now!!
It's the first time I've noticed Boliva here so I'd like to welcome our Bolivian readers!!! AND TO EVERYONE else as well!

Booted Guest Wakes Up Milwaukee


Patriots cheerleaders visit the Rhode Show

and that gives Michaela Johnson a chance to show off her Patriots jersey and retro tube socks

MELODY MENDEZ "Tebows" in Brown Leather Boots!!!

Melody returned to her native New England to cover the Broncos-Patriots game for Fox 31 in Denver.  She demonstrated stylishly her version of the Tim Tebow pose!!

Cute musician Aly Tadros is black leather booted on Good Day Austin


I'm going to try something here and see how it works out.  I have created a poll for us to vote for the inaugural class of 


You can make multiple choices BUT, though we love them all, don't vote for everyone. 
Make sure they deserve to be in a HALL OF FAME. 
Criteria to use is 
+Quantity of Boot Wearing
+Quality of Boots worn
+Variety of Boots worn
+Length of time as a Boot Wearer
+Attractiveness of clothing worn with Boots

Not sure yet how it will work but in order to be elected, they have to obtain a certain percentage of votes cast.
I may end up pulling this and deleting this post if it doesn't work out so well, but what the heck, it's worth trying.
I know there are some quality candidates I left off. We'll glady take nominations for the next vote.
THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!

Joy Lim Nakrin booted up on Saturday in Minnesota


and so do we!!!


Margie Ellisor goes over the knee in black suede

SHARON is back in boots in Jacksonville

Boston guest goes OTK in black leather studded top boots

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