Thursday, April 3, 2014


Karla Hult's Booted Thursday Reprised

THANK YOU to Greg for the photos

Michaela Johnson Is Head Over Booted Heels At The Ballpark

THANKS to AE for sending this photo
THANKS to Rich B for sending this photo

Is Kimberly Wynn Going To Be The Canadian Hollie Strano?

Just like Hollie, WE LOVE SEEING Kimberly on the Blog.
BUT, it's ALWAYS the same pair of Boots.
We'd rather see her on the Blog than NOT wearing Boots, but
I really think CTV Edmonton has a rising star on their hands. 
Kimberly has a great personality, a wonderful smile 
and is a confident and competent interviewer. 
I just think CTV Edmonton needs to step up and give her 
some extra clothing allowance so she can go out and 
buy a couple more pairs of Tall Boots

Margie Ellisor Wore The Blog's Favorite Boots She Has!!!


Natalie Nyhus Is Picture Perfect

The Epitome of 
Classic Elegance 

We WON'T Fall Asleep In Our Coverage Of The Denver Boot Scene

Alix Kendall Shoots AND SCORES In Black Leather Boots

Believe Me Natalie