Friday, March 11, 2011

Alix is laughing in leather

Alix hikes up the skirt for Dr. Lips

Melanie Hastings says it ain't spring yet

Kristen Van Dyke Is Filling In Nicely For Nikki New Mexico

Rachel Lutzker's Black Leather OTKs makes Fox CT Morning News Two for Two

No close ups but we still like it.


Sarah French What's Not To Love

Sheinelle Jones Points Out The Benefits Of Boot Wearing

Anna Kooiman has her hands on her hips and her boots on her feet

Alix breaks out her tan boots

Kim Murphy Black Leather Boots



Evelyn makes me want to travel to Los Angeles just to watch the weather report.

Evelyn Taft Continues The Great LA Blonde Weather Girl Boot War

Jackie Johnson Booted again

Jackie Johnson WOW

This video was posted before but why not do it again?