Thursday, January 17, 2013

Laura Schara is Booted on the Beige? Carpet

Cherish is Comfy in Brown Leather Riding Boots

NatKane Back in Black Leather

Heidi Collins Booted by the Green Screen

Believe me, I'd love to be able to 
get more photos of Heidi in Boots. 
They do the 5 PM newscast from the same couch as 
Alix Kendall sits on in the morning, 
but they bring in a different, taller table, 
and we never get boot views.

Natalie Morales gets Sleepy in Boots


Jillian Harris and Friend Booted in the Great White North

Blog Favorite Tram Mai wore Black Leather Boots

THANK YOU jake!!!

Atlanta guest shows Christine Pullara how to wear Boots

Houston Boots Today

Cindy Burbano

Melissa Wilson

Dr. Laura Berman kicks her heels on Windy City Live

THANK YOU to JM for sending this along

Dr. Nancy Snyderman Goes Over The Knee In Black Leather Boots

GREAT FIND by mstman1. 
 Thank You for sending the links!

THANK YOU JAKE for finding the video!!!!

Brooke Baldwin Is Terrific In Tall Black Suede