Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bright Blue N Boots

LOOK WHAT Danielle Serino Bought For Herself!!!

Danielle is an anchor and consumer reporter
for WOIO in OHIO

Catherine Bosley Puts The ACTION In Cleveland's 19 Action News

It's Tay's Time In Black Suede

Leyna Nguyen Brightens Any Blog

A Marvelous Miami Discovery

Michele Gillen is the Chief Investigative
Reporter at WFOR Channel 4 in Miami.

Lauren Pastrana Shows Off Her Boots

Lauren is a reporter for WFOR in Miami.
We've been seeing A LOT of these 
Boot close up photos

Meteorologist Julie Phillips is leaving KTXS in Abilene for WFLA in Tampa

Lori Wilson Is Ready To Ride

BIG THANK YOU to our anonymous commenter
for this link from the now cancelled 10! Show.
No full length views unfortunately
but the cameraman spends a fair amount of time 
showing Lori's Equestrian Boots.

View more videos at: