Sunday, January 15, 2012


I'm going to try something here and see how it works out.  I have created a poll for us to vote for the inaugural class of 
You can make multiple choices BUT, though we love them all, don't vote for everyone. 
Make sure they deserve to be in a HALL OF FAME. 
Criteria to use is 
+Quantity of Boot Wearing
+Quality of Boots worn
+Variety of Boots worn
+Length of time as a Boot Wearer
+Attractiveness of clothing worn with Boots

Not sure yet how it will work but in order to be elected, they have to obtain a certain percentage of votes cast.
I may end up pulling this and deleting this post if it doesn't work out so well, but what the heck, it's worth trying.
I know there are some quality candidates I left off. We'll glady take nominations for the next vote.
THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!

Amy Robach was black leather booted on Friday

These photos are from mazzic04.

Hi Def Robin Meade photos in Grey Leather OTK Boots!!!

These were posted on another site by chris217.  We cannot THANK YOU enough chris217 for letting us borrow them!!

BBC's Kate Silverton In Thigh High Black Leather Boots

beppier found this video from November 2009. Thanks beppier.

Can anyone identify the women in this 2008 Good Morning America Boot Battle?







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THANK YOU to our anonymous commenter for providing the names of Sharon Alfonsi and JC Monahan. The commenter also pointed out that JC (who I believe is still doing the weather on a Boston station) was booted on the other day that weekend.