Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This Is Huge!! Little Bootsniffers Sniffin' Supergirl's Boots. But Who Is Super Girl?

None other than our favorite Vet, Dr. Katy Nelson!!

Natasha Barrett has left me speechless

I don't know what to write. Her boots are just awesome. She even has a guest try to Boot Battle her, but it's no contest.

Elizabeth has more Boots in her closet

The Answer: Not yet

The Question: Is the name of the blog changing to the Tracey Johnson Worship Site?

The Doctor In White Tights And Tracey In A Turtleneck And Plaid Skirt And Dark Nylons And Black Leather Boots

White tights are a little out of style but I still enjoy seeing them.

Still finding gems in Cincinnati

To see the Cincy videos you actually have to click on each Post's title.

Tracey Johnson's Boot Collection keeps growing

Sorry it's so Tracey-heavy today but I just found her and she keeps coming up with different boots so we've got to catalog them all.

Tracey Johnson is the Boot Queen of the Queen City

and gets in to a Boot Battle to defend her crown!

Tracey Johnson in black suede boots

Tracey Johnson I'm so glad I found you

Cute newswoman in hockey jersey

Can you tell I just found out where Morning Xtra keeps their videos?

I wonder if Morri McDowell ever dreamed of being on this blog?

When she got dressed that morning, was she thinking .....
"I'll wear these cute boots and hopefully I'll get my picture on that world famous blog" ?

Leopard Print and Tall Suede Boots for Cincinnati's Tracey Johnson

Cincy Makeover Monday includes Boots

No Boots but Alix and the good doctor are nicely hosed

I love Alix' outfit today.

Cheap Chick wears calf high boots

Nicole Koglin and Guest Candy Hanus in Black Leather Boots

Unfortunately Nicole didn't wear a skirt.....


Meredith Vieira and Mackenzie Phillips in a Black and Tan Boot Battle

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Meredith Vieira is back in boots

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Annalee Penny cleans her boots

She also mentions that she's wearing boots BUT they don't show us :(



Whose boots do you like better? Kim Carrigan in black suede or Cindy Fitzgibbon in brown suede? Please comment and let us know!!