Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Absolutely Adorable Naomi Pescovitz Wore Two Different Pairs Of Boots On Saturday

The Minnesota Wild's Three Little Good Luck Charms Help Them To Another Victory Tonight

More Pics From Karla's SUPER SATURDAY

Alicia Vitarelli Celebra Il Suo Patrimonio Italiano

Alicia is an anchor with 
ABC 6 in Philadelphia

Felice Giorno Columbus


Fox 8's Lorrie Taylor And Kristi Capel In Their Saturday Best

Antoinette Antonio Is Kickin' It Casual

Bite Size TV's Amanda Salas Is Ready To Ride

Jackie Redmond Is A Great Sport North Of The Border

Kate Tillotson Is A Western Michigan Classic

KSHB's Jadiann Thompson Is Back Under The Bright Lights

Karla Hult Is Having A Super Saturday

THANK YOU to Greg for these photos

Whose Boots Are These? REVEALED


She has been interviewed by the Blog...

of KFOR in Oklahoma City!!!


Black Suede Friday For Susan Hendricks

Thank you to tdubya68801 for the photos

A Purple Rain Booted Dylan Dreyer Takes On The King Tide In Miami Beach