Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Anna Kooiman Is Booted In The Friendly Confines And On Top Of The Loop

The Golf Courses Are Opening But It's Still Boot Season For Melissa Colorado Of KARE 11

THANK YOU to Shadow for sending the photo

Suki Perfectly Pairs Black Suede Boots With Her Adorable Outfit

I LOVE the dash of color her bright yellow necklace adds 
to her outfit. Yellow goes perfectly with black and white. 
I love the pattern of her top along with the white cuffs.
THANK YOU to jaynorris117 for the video

Rocsi Diaz Has Reached The Stars In Her Olive Suede Over The Knee Boots

Nikki-Dee Ray And Terri Furman Are Kicking It COWGIRL STYLE In Lubbock

Megan Brought Boots And A Bunny To Good Day Colorado AKA Denver's Daily BootsFest

Eileen Lehpamer Of News 12 Is Ready To Ride On Long Island

You Already Get Your Weather And Outdoor Adventure Advice From Jen Broome, You Should Also Take Her Fashion Advice


That's The Always Adorable Alex Jokich Waiting For Her Chance In Front Of The Green Screen

Keeley Rogers Rocks Toronto

THANK YOU to our Canadian Contributor for the photos