Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Katie Nordeen and Shannon Smith square off in another Carolina Boot Battle

Thanks again Brian Sechrest!!  


I would have paid GOOD money to have seen in this in HiDef.
We have left to right

Shannon Smith
Katie Nordeen
Nicole Ferguson

North Carolina Boot Battle

Again, courtesy of Brian Sechrest, we have Cindy Farmer boot battling Shannon Smith.

Cindy Farmer boots up in Greensboro

Thanks to Brian Sechrest for this alert.

Guest Dawn Weber boots up in York, Pennsylvania

THANK YOU to our Anonymous tipster!!


Anny Hong's Forecast in Boots

Thank You gyuro for the alert!

Your daily dose of Annalee

Annalee was not in studio today but on location at a local Salvation Army. What's frustrating is that you can see in the video that she's wearing really tall boots but WE NEVER GET A GOOD LOOK AT THEM. We can only see her boot tops.  And I can't determine which of her boots they are.  At first I thought it was those brownish-grey boots she wore last week (Tuesday) but I can't be sure. 
I am really wondering if she has seen the blog because her boot-etite (boot appetite) has gone through the roof!!!!  Wouldn't it be something if it was our little blog that spurred this hunger in her to wear more boots?
HA - There I go day-dreaming again........
. .

Frances Rivera Goes With Grey Go Go Boots

Laura Ingraham wears tall brown leather on Fox & Friends

Virginia Kerr is back in brown

Diana Pierce is sweet in brown suede

Nicole Koglin was booted on Real Milwaukee

Why doesn't Fox Houston have a HD Video Player??

Natalie Bomke is nicely nyloned and maroon? dark brown? leather booted.

It's always nice to see Kim Murphy on the blog



Google VP Marissa Mayer shows up on the Today Show in black suede boots

Rachel Frank Is Brown Leather Booted In Hartford

I wouldn't have thought purple and brown went together 
but Rachel Frank sure pulls together this outfit nicely.


Savannah Guthrie and Janet Taylor Battle Boots

Kansas City Quadruple Boot Battle

The logo blocks good boot views of Karli Ritter.

Margie Ellisor is happy to be back in her OTK tan suede boots