Sunday, September 22, 2013


Spain's Sonia Ferrer wears 
WHITE GO GO Boots!!!

This Spanish Television Network Knows Better Than To Put A Table In Front Of Sonia Ferrer

THANK YOU to albert lafrance for this link!

KJRH's Brittany Rainey Starts The Tulsa Boot Season!!

Jenny Anchondo Is Cool In Cowgirl Boots At The Jason Aldean Concert At The Klipsch Music Center

I LOVE the Lemon Chiffon colored top Jenny is wearing!!!
She paired it PERFECTLY with the cropped denim jacket!


Denisa Is Dynamite In Denver

THANK YOU to the reader who sent this link
Denisa's wine colored sweater and black skirt and Boots
make for a true CLASSIC and TIMELESS look!

Brown Leather Rules The Night In San Diego

Fox Sports San Diego Girls Katie and Brie 
Break Out The Brown Leather Boots

Denisa Tova Was On The Yellow And Black Attack

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