Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lu Ann Cahn was pillow fighting in boots

Not the greatest views but worth watching.

Loving Alycia's boots!!

Alycia Williams was a guest on Great Day Green Country and wore a great pair of boots. A very nice height and they give off a shine almost like patent leather. And it looks like there's straps on the side.  Well done Alycia!!
Hopefully Lacey Lett asked you 'where you got your boots' 

Dr. Tanya Benenson saves us from a bootless Today Show

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An Italian-American Girl Boots Up On Fox Connecticut

Maria Baratta stars in a one woman play called 
She spells it I-Talian to poke fun at all of the people that mispronounce 
It-talian as Eye-Talian.
The country is not called Eye-taly folks.
Not that I'm at all sensitive about it, or anything....

Margie Makes Our Day In The Over The Knee Tan Suede!!