Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Guess your best for what's ahead for Fall 2012

anonymous said...

Summertime summertime sum sum summertime....... summertime summertime sum sum summertime.

Thanks for bringing a little winter into July Barry !
I have suggestion for new boot season. Who will be #1 this year ? Will Annalee return ? Any projected new star at GMA or Today ? Who will Barry have most features on ?

Summertime summertime sum sum summertime.....

We just had that great comment left on another post by anonymous which made me think that we should have a fall preview post and ask all of you wonderful readers to comment on what you think will happen in our little corner of Boot World this fall.

Will our Queen, Alix Kendall, declare boot season open on September 20th, as she did last year, or will it be sooner or later?
Will our Princess, Annalee Penny, reappear on the airwaves? If so, in what fortunate city will she reside? And, will she still be rockin' that fabulous variety of boots we all love and adore?
Katie Couric's eponymous new talk show premieres on September 10th. Will Katie display her love of wearing boots that she so incomparably showed us on the Today Show, and when possible, on the CBS Evening News?
Or will she pull a Robacurryripa?
Speaking of Amy Robach, now that she has escaped NBC, can we hold out hope that the move to ABC will return her to her boot loving ways?
Will Savannah Guthrie, seeing first hand the consequences of Ann Curry's boot abandonment, boot up early and often? And in great variety?
Will Natalie Morales, in an effort to not let the spotlight shine solely on Savannah, keep wearing her variety of over the knee boots, perhaps even more often?
Will Sabrina Rodriguez, after seeing and appreciating our blog, keep her promise of wearing taller boots?
Will little ankle boots grab the most popular title from knee high and over the knee boots? (WE HOPE NOT!!)

Who will be this year's 'Great Find' of the blog? Someone most of us have not seen before.


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THANKS AGAIN to beppier!!

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