Thursday, November 3, 2011

The 10! Show's Jillian Mele's first time being booted on the blog

Video Link: 


Recognize this Newswoman? Recognize the couch?

That's Heidi Collins, who used to be on CNN but now is the main anchorette at Fox 9 in Minneapolis.  That's the same station as our Boot Queen Alix Kendall.  It's great to see that Heidi's boots are keeping the couch warm until a (hopefully) booted Alix returns tomorrow.
If you're a big Heidi Collins fan, you can follow this link:
weekdays at 5 and 9 PM Central time to watch Heidi live.
It seems like they do a "stand up" segment at the start of the newscast and then again at 5:40 and the "couch" segment at 5:25. I'll try to watch one night to see if it's the same then. Enjoy.

Diana Pierce was black suede booted

Some Su-Ling Goh action in the Great White North

Blonde on Blonde St. Louis Boot Battle

No Melody in boots but Denver radio hostess Kathie Kendall boots up

I'm so frustrated with Fox TV in Denver, with their set up, will we even see Melody in boots this year?


Tracey Johnson is in wedge heeled brown suede boots

Annie Yu booted in DC

I've wanted to see her booted for a long time.
THANKS Gyuro for the find.

Suzanne Malveaux is back and booted

Nilou is tantalizing in tall brown leather boots

Thanks to gyuro for the alert

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