Friday, January 18, 2013

Woooooooo!!!!!!!! The Nature Boy Sees Audrina Bigos In Boots

That SWEET SMILE And SWEET SUEDE Of Kristen van Dyke!

Everyone Needs A Little TLB

Teresa LaBarbera is in stack heeled brown suede boots

Stacey Brotzel: Edmonton Black Suede and Chettah Print Skirt

THANK YOU to our Canadian contributer

Ganote's Got This

Kelly Sutton Is A Country Cutie

It's been WAY TOO LONG since we've seen Michelle Linn on the Blog

Carol Daniel Makes It A GREAT DAY ST. LOUIS

Randi Naughton hops on the St. Louis Boot Train

Poor April Simpson Has Lost Her Voice BUT SHE HAS HER BOOTS!!!!!!


You think Deena is Italian?