Sunday, August 3, 2014


originally posted on this Blog on July 8, 2013
One of the most iconic poses for women is the 
"Charlie's Angels Pose" from the TV shows and Movies.
It's become a staple pose for bridal party pictures and also for "Girls Night Out" photos. I decided to put together a post of some newswomen and others doing their best Angels pose.
Actresses Rachael Taylor, Minka Kelly and Annie Illonzeh 
in the 2011 Charlie's Angels TV series

Destiny's Child

Brittany Bailey, Jen York, 
and Briana Bermensolo
of KREM 2 in Spokane

Mae Fesai, Patty Souza, 
Bethany Crouch and Christianne Klein
of Fox 40 Sacramento

Christianne Klein, Mae Fesai,  
and Bethany Crouch 
of Fox 40 Sacramento

Rita Garcia, Caitilin  Espinosa and Rashi Vats of Fox Houston

Kathy Griffin, Katie Couric and Jessica Chastain

Lianne Laing, Melissa Lamb and Lois Lee 
of CTV in Ottawa

Jill Jelnick, Katie Harden and Candice Boling 
of WNCT in Greenville, North Carolina

Camille Ross,  Jessica Laventure and Aalia Adam 
of Global TV Montreal

Michelle Charlesworth and Amy Freeze of WABC in New York

Nikki-Dee Ray, Terri Furman and Alison Morris 
of KLBK-TV in Lubbock, Texas

Ashley Mitchem, Staci Spanos and Jennifer Waugh of
WJXT in Jacksonville, Florida

Cassidy Hubbarth of ESPN

Bethany Crouch of Fox 40 in Sacramento

 Angelica Campos, Stefani Schaefer and Kristi Capel
of Fox 8 in Cleveland

Holly Morgan and Nerissa Knight on Eye Opener

Dawn Chubai of City TV in Vancouver

Erica Rico of 93Q Radio in Houston

Lisa Rayam and Karen Graham from Fox 5 in Atlanta

JuJu Chang of ABC News

Jen. Laura and Kalee of KSHB in Kansas City

Leyna Nguyen of KCBS/KCAL in Los Angeles

Leyna Nguyen of KCBS/KCAL in Los Angeles

Tammy Payne, Bobbie Miller and Lacey Swope of News 9 in Oklahoma City

Melanie Hebert of WWL in New Orleans is 2nd from right

Molly O'Brien, Barbara Morse Silva and Kelly Bates 
of WJAR in Providence, Rhode Island

Jennifer Coffey of QVC

Rena Sarigianapoulos, Lee Valsvik and Belinda Jensen
of KARE 11 in Minneapolis

Valerie Smock, Renee Kaminski and Trisha Pittman 
of WPXI in Pittsburgh

Pro Golfers  Michelle Wie   Christina Kim  and  Natalie Gulbis

Actresses Kristin Chenoweth and  Kathy Griffin

Urban Explorers

All The Way From Saint John's In Newfoundland Is NTV Reporter Sharon Snow

Courtesy of our Canadian Contributor

Nitaya Panemalaythong Was Miss Minnesota USA In 2012