Monday, March 28, 2011

Bridget Blythe is again booted in Boston

Michelle Obama boots up for the Blackhawks

Bridget Blythe black leather booted in Boston

Broke 90: Never did it on the golf course but we did here

Kim Kardashian pumps her own gas

Katrina Cravy is booted on Real Milwaukee

This is from the end of January. I had to post something for my friends in Milwaukee as apparently I missed getting pictures of Kim Murphy in boots today.

Stacey Baca spends her weekends in leather

Linda Yu A Classic look

Kate Middleton fashion segment

Anna Kooiman is lovely in black leather

Michelle Linn is AGAIN Booted in Tulsa

Kelly Wallace booted on the Today Show

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Laura Schara

Laura Schara is a television and radio host and a fashion correspondent. She has hosted various outdoors shows and is equally adept at handling a shotgun or fishing rod as she is at pulling on a pair of the over the knee leather boots.

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