Thursday, October 4, 2012

Where Is This Year's Boot Capital Of America?

So far this year, it appears to be
St. Louis vs the Twin Cities.
What do you think?

On the St. Louis side is Margie Ellisor, Virginia Kerr, Randi Naughton, 
Angie Mock, Christine Buck and Carol Daniel.
Up River is Alix Kendall, Elizabeth Ries, Natalie Kane, Angela Davis,
Kim Insley, Dawn Stevens, Erin Schneider, Jamie Yuccas, Diana Pierce,
Joy Lim Nakrin, Rena Saragianopoulos, Amelia Santaniello, Kelsey Soby.



WCCO's Natalie Kane And Angela Davis Engage In The 2nd Minnesota Boot Battle OF THE DAY!!

We're really going to benefit 
from WCCO's new set!!

Randi Naughton is a big part of the St. Louis Boot Revolution

Alix Kendall, The Queen of Boots

I love her sweater and skirt combo 
with the belt and long necklace.
The boots are a perfect height.

Dawn Stevens boot battles Alix Kendall for the second day in a row

I would really love to see Dawn get some taller boots ....

Virginia Kerr, Lovin Her St. Louis Look

Virginia Kerr should be smiling!!
She looks GREAT!!
Love the blouse, the necklace and I especially love 
the white pants tucked in to brown leather boots!