Monday, August 6, 2012


I just want to give a super incredible shout-out to Barry and the 'renovated' AOBNWB--it looks nice and crisp, with great additions. Ehhh, I guess you can say I highjacked his blog for a quick second [yep, I kind of snuck on here]. But all for good reasons--I just wanted to say THANK YOU to him for working so hard on a blog that is classy and fearless...women and men love this! All I can say is he's on top of his game for posting pictures that have me drooling [especially the snapshots from the early 70's--my god, could those women get anymore glamorous??!! Such natural beauties...]. I may not have all the styles in the world but he and all the boot lovers on this blog have pulled a new found love for boots out of me. I've always liked them, but now it's on a whole nother level ;] For all of his kind words and freakin' awesome pic collages, I am grateful. They make me get a good laugh--and you probably have figured out that I love to smile. You, the followers, have been gracious as well--with welcoming compliments. Thank you! I'm stoked to be a guest blogger--such an awesome honor!

Let anyone be around them long enough, and they'll have a yearning for some knee-high leathers also :]

I'll be back with more posts! Keep an eye on the boots in the advertisements to the right--if you click through there and see any that you really dig, post the link please...I would love to see which ones are up your alley--and to give me ideas as to which ones I should be kickin' around!

Until then, check out these chocolates I'm loving [click the Chocolate link]. Seriously, wrap me up in these leathers and button me in!!!! HHEEEEELLLOOOOOO Miss Victorian Era! Ahhh *drooling again*...
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<3 Annalee
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