Friday, May 3, 2013

Hele mei hoohiwahiwa

Hele mei hohiwahiwa means 
"Come Celebrate" in Hawaiian.  
The reason for the celebration is that 
for the first time we have Newswomen 
from the State of Hawai'i on the Blog. 
Mahealani Richardson of KITV

Yunji de Nies of KITV

Yunji de Nies of KITV

Brianne Randle of KHON

Brianne Randle of KHON

Brianne Randle of KHON

I NEVER thought we'd see any newswomen 
from Hawai'i because the state is an 
island paradise where I don't think the 
temperature is ever out of the 70s and 80s.
A couple of years ago I made a resolution that
I'd try to include newswomen on this Blog
from ALL 50 States.
With this post we finally did it,
or actually came as close to it as we could.
The State of Delaware has only one TV station 
and it is a PBS station.  The state is served 
by the Philadlephia market.

Mahalo nui loas na ho'olaule'a me la kaua
(Thank you for celebrating with us)

Courtney Laydon and Heather Warner are Wearing LATE SEASON BOOTS in Central Pennsylvania!!!!

HUGE THANK YOU to inigo montoya for sending these photos!!


AMANDA KOST Found the Blog!!!!!!!!!

Amanda tweeted about our Blog 
and is now following us on Twitter!!!! 
THANKS for finding us Amanda!!
and THANKS for writing it's MAJOR!!
It's GREAT to see you on the Blog
and you're Welcome Back ANYTIME you like!!!

Meet The Booted Newswomen of WMUR in Manchester, New Hampshire

Melinda Davenport

Melinda Davenport

Marga Bessette

Erin Fehlau

Reporter Jill Jagelski of the NBC affiliate in Helena, Montana

Michelle Bogowith of Fox 4 in Kansas City

Jocelyn Lockwood of Good Morning New Orleans

Kim Johnson of KTVX is in the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson, Wyoming

Kay Cooley of WDAY in Fargo Collected Flood Water in Her Boots

Meet the Booted News Ladies of KVLY/KXJB in Fargo/Grand Forks, North Dakota

Andrea Larson

Audrey Dahlgren

Hope Hanselman

Lisa Green

Good Day Austin Guest Melanie Dunham Shows Off Her Black Leather Boots

Rissa Shaw of KAVU in Victoria, Texas Goes Over the Knee in Black Leather

May 3rd Is STILL Boot Season For Brittany Falkers In Duluth, Minnesota

 Don't let those school closings scrolling at the bottom of the screen surprise ya.
It is still winter in Northern Minnesota. 

The Canon City Colorado Music & Blossom Festival Blossom Queen & Her Court Were On KOAA-TV This Morning

Lori Tipton of KATN in Fairbanks, Alaska

Lori is a Georgia native now living in Alaska.
Quite the climate change....
Nice to see you on the Blog Lori, we've always

Meet Emily Collins of KAVU in Victoria, Texas