Sunday, December 9, 2012

What December 9th Looks Like In San Diego And In Minnesota

The weather in San Diego looks a little more conducive to shopping at an outdoor mall than it does in Minnesota. 
At least Fox Sports San Diego Girl Katie knows it's 
Boot Season, no matter what the temperature is. 
Unfortunately Fox Sports North Girl Jenny's Boots 
aren't the most fashionable, but believe me, 
they do make sense for clearing snow.


These pictures are courtesy of thamo108
LOTS MORE PICS over at his Blog Women Wearing Boots.
Make sure and check out that blog often as he is doing a better job of keeping up with Los Angeles and Despierta America than I am (or can).  I am barely keeping up with everything I want to post as it is, so it's nice that we won't miss anything if we head over to that blog as well. 
We'll be sharing pictures also, so you may see some of the same stuff in both spots.

The Lovely Tram Mai Stops Phoenix Traffic With Her Chocolate Brown Suede Boots

THANK YOU VERY MUCH jake, for introducing us to Tram

Anna Kooiman and her Posse Enjoyed a Booted Night on the Town

Margie Ellisor Kicking It Like a Rockette